About us

Hello, my name is Nathan and this is my little companion Fudge the Welsh Terrier. He is how I came about photographing our furry friends. For several years I had been and still am a very keen amateur landscape and fine art photographer, this is where I learnt the main skills of using a camera, composition and processing etc..... and then, a little Welsh Terrier called Fudge came bounding into my life!

Having always been an animal person it wasn't long before I was capturing moments of Fudge and the many friends that he made on our days out. The turning point for me was the heart touching responses of the owners when I sent them the results of our brief encounters, this was the main driving force behind setting up Furry Friends Photography!

An outdoor shoot in Kent!

How it works

In order to capture the very best of your furry friends, our main consideration is to keep them happy and relaxed.  We do this by keeping them in familiar surroundings using our mobile studio in your home or an outdoor shoot at a place they know well, or both!

Before the shoot, a brief consultation is needed over the phone to discuss the type of animal, their character and what you would like from the shoot. From there we can then suggest the best approach.

"Nathan completed a photo shoot of my chocolate lab (not the easiest task!)  Nathan has a great understanding of animal behavior and how to get the best out of them.    The results were nothing short of spectacular!

His empathy with what the owner wants, combined with his understanding and experience of what works is what produced the results that I could not have expected."                   

                                                                                                                Neil & Cadbury